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ARCO GROUP is an interior decor company based in New York City. ARCO Window Treatment & Decor provides full service from custom-made to install all kinds of window shadings and draperies. Besides window shading work, we have also been providing services such as wallpaper installation and re-upholstery. Please feel free to contact us for your home decor needs.

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Current Location: since 2023

4530 164th Street

Queens, NY-11358

Old Location: 2009 - 2022

287 Broome Street

New York, NY-10002

Business Hours:

Mon - Fri   09:00 - 6:00 EST

Sat -         By Appointment

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About us

- Our comprehensive knowledge makes any project easier.

- Our contractor background helps to execute almost any design.

- Our attention to every detail makes the job meticulous.

- We work efficiently & flexibly to meet your timeframe.

- We don't only make our installation perfect, but we are also an expert in resolving others' mistakes.

- Our project portfolio can be your design database.

- Our measuring devices care about 1/16", so do our attention and workmanship.

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